10 herbs you need to know


herbs you need to know

10 herbs you need to know

Herbs are types of plants used for their scent, flavour or therapeutic properties. A whole plant or part of a plant is used to make varieties of health supplements. There are many lacking regarding their safety. But it is a very trendy product in our modern life. Herbal medicine, also known as botanical medicine, is commonly believed by a healthy natural medicine.

But the effectiveness and usefulness of some herbs are established for thousands of years. The base of documented medicine is seen in the frescoes at Thera. There is a Greek island in the Aegean. It is thought that Thera is used for the production of perfume or flavour under the supervision of god. People also believed that the goddess uses a drug from saffron flowers for treating diseases, and they also use them.

Medicine started thousands of years ago; gradually, it is researched and re-researched. With a long history now, we found them as a tablet, capsules or in other forms. But beneficiary effects of the different herbs are not decreased. Even some specific isolation of their parts or types regarding treatment makes them more efficient. So, today's topic is herbs you need to know.

Let’s try to know a few herbs and their different parts which are used as beneficiary herbal medicine: 

10 herbs you need to know


Astragalus is a Chinese herb also known as ‘Huang Qi’. The root of this plant is usually used as herbal medicine.


  • It is used to improve our immune system. It boosts our immunity.
  • It helps to stimulate our body to synthesise interferon and protects from viral infections.
  • It has the beneficiary effect of cancer and AIDS by improving the immune status of a patient.
  • Taking Astragalus by a non-small-cell lung cancer patient shows a positive result when having Radiotherapy and doubled his survival times. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24454494)



Common names include "bitter melon” or "bitter gourd” in English.


  • This plant is used as a treatment for
  • It is also used in the treatment of cough, burns and
  • It is also being studied for its anti-cancer properties.



Cloves are used as a spice ingredient in cooked food. In the Indian subcontinent, it is used almost in every cooked meal.


  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory mediator by one of its chemical substances Eugenol.
  • It has a strong antioxidant effect.
  • It protects from heart disease, cancer and reduces cartilage and bone damage caused by arthritis.
  • It helps in blood sugar control by improving insulin function.
  • Its oil has a bactericidal effect and relieves toothache efficiently.
  • It also used as a cough suppressive.



It is commonly known as "Garlic".


  • It has an antibacterial effect. It helps to control bacterial infections and improves the patient’s condition.
  • Its effects as an anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer are also established.
  • It is widely used to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride level.


Chinese yam plant

It is a green herb found very commonly. Even you can plant it in your garden.


  • Reduce tonic effects in the stomach.
  • It has positive effects on lung and kidney diseases
  • It also used to treat dry cough, abdominal disturbance, diarrhoea, urinary disturbance, diabetes etc.
  • It is used as a refreshing agent in tiredness.
  • Traditional practitioners also use Chinese yams to treat snakebite.



Cinnamon is the outer bark of a cinnamon tree and commonly used as a spice.


  • It is one of the most potent wound healing spices.
  • It has strong efficacy in reducing blood sugar.
  • It reduces the total lipid level in the blood.
  • It has an antibacterial effect against E.coli and some other bacterias.
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect and used in different inflammatory diseases.
  • It contains a potent antioxidant called polyphone and good for the heart.


In English, also known as "Guava".


In herbal medicine, it is used as an-

  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • Antispasmodicc (it reduces spasm)
  • Antioxidant (helps in cardiac physiology, reduce cholesterol, boost immunity, etc.)
  • Anti-allergic drug
  • Antimicrobial and anti-plasmodial (anti-malarial) (it can kill parasites like malaria and bacterias)
  • Cough suppressant (reduce cough reflexes and relieve from cough)
  • Anti-diabetic etc. (helps to control blood sugar level)



Cayenne is the oil of capsaicin. It is prescribed by different traditional practitioners and active ingredients of over the counter cream and ointment of arthritis and muscle pain.

Usages: It is used to relieve from-

  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Diabetic neuropathic pain
  • It can reduce blood sugar
  • It is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent
  • It helps in the common cold etc.


Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are a very nutritious food and have different usages in herbal medicine.

Usage: It helps to reduce-          

  • Labor and spasmodic pain (reduces smooth muscle spasm)
  • Inflammations and infections
  • Abdominal disturbances (GIT upset)
  • Blood sugar at the initial stage of diabetes
  • Blood lipid levels (reduces cholesterol and LDL level)


Tsang Gubat:

Also known as "Wild tea" in English.

Usage: It is taken as a tea and helps in-

  • Different skin allergies
  • Eczema (a skin disease)
  • Scabies (a highly contagious skin disease)
  • Itchiness wounds in childbirth etc.


10 herbs you need to know

These are commonly used herbal medicines or plants having some therapeutic properties.

Different manufacturers are now marketing these items in different ways. They are not recognised and marketed as medicine or drugs. Mostly they are sold as food supplements.

These traditional plants have good effects on our bodies. But they are not well researched. Before using them, you need to be careful about their quality because FDA doesn’t regulate them.

If you suffer from severe liver and kidney disease, you should use these products after consulting with your doctor. Most of them have adverse effects on a diseased kidney and liver.


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