How to prevent tendinitis?

How to prevent tendinitis

 How to prevent tendinitis?

We all know that tendinitis or overuse tendinopathy or tendonitis is localized pain in or around a tendon and joint. Preventing tendinitis (or tendonitis) is the key to saving tendons because treating tendinitis is difficult.

Let’s know in detail “how to prevent tendinitis?”  Apply the following suggestions to prevent tendinitis in your exercise, job, and daily activities.

Gradually increase your activities:

Start slowly and gradually increase your activity level, especially in sports, exercise and weight lifting. After some periods of less activeness, the sudden introduction of force in activities may injure tendons. Gradually build up your strength and endurance to prevent tendinitis.

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So, always try to warm up before strenuous activity. A gentle movement of the joints of your arm, legs, and torso may reduce the risk of developing tendinitis. A 5 to 10 minutes warm-up is helpful to prepare your muscles and tendons for heavy exercise, sports, and strenuous work. Even lifting a light thing will also help to prevent tendinitis before heavy lifting.

Putting heavy stress or insult on the tendons without a bit of warming up first will injure the tendons, and tendinitis may develop.

Gentle stress of tendons and muscles:

Always remember to gently stretch tendons and muscles before any activities and exercises to prevent tendinitis.  A large muscle bulks, like a hamstring muscle, usually exert a more powerful pull on the tendon in its insertion. Try to hold each movement for muscle stretching for 20 -30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. Following a strenuous activity or exercise stretching of tendons and muscles also help to prevent tendinitis. To increase and maintain flexibility, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and other mind-body practices can help.

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Avoid repetitive and forceful movements:

Repetitive movements will put pressure on tendons. Even very light repetitive movements may injure tendons. For example, playing tennis continuously for 2 hours may injure the tendons of elbow joints and may lead to tennis elbow. If any activity you have to do repetitively, always try to give some rest to the joint for a few minutes in regular intervals. This simple precaution will help you prevent tendinitis.

Strength tendons and muscles:

Regular exercise and weight training to improve your tendons and muscles will be helpful to prevent tendinitis. During exercise focusing on muscle groups is necessary. During a movement, different muscle group is involved. So strengthening each muscle group is required. So, exercises should be monitored by a skilled trainer. But before exercise, “start it gradually”!

Be careful about the pain:

Pain is a protective mechanism of our body. Don’t ignore pain during any active movements. It is the first sign of future tendinitis. Give some rest of your joints and tendons if pain appears during an activity or exercise. It will help you to prevent tendinitis. If pain persists, you should take advice from your doctor and stop the work for a few days, which caused the joint or tendon pain.

Modify and maintain a good posture:

Bad posture is an important key to develop tendon pain. Even routine daily activities in a bad posture may cause tendon straining and tendinitis. So maintaining a good posture during sitting at the office or standing, even during an exercise, is necessary to prevent tendinitis. If there is any bad posture in our activity causing pain in the tendon and joint, it should be modified.

Today's topic of Dr. Hasan's Blog - is How to prevent Tendinitis (Tendonitis).

These are some easy rules that should be followed strictly to prevent tendinitis.


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