5 small ways people ruin their diets



5 small ways people ruin their diets

A ruined diet!

“I am dieting for a few months but don’t gain any success. “

“I used different types of diet plans to reduce weight, but... still, it is a dream.”

“I am now hopeless. Diet and weight loss, just like a story to me.”

Yes, these are actual comments about their diet plan. We all want to be healthy. You try your highest to reduce your weight and be a good-looking person. You work on an intense diet plan. Most of the days of the week, you follow it strictly. But after specific measures, you are still gaining some pounds every month.

Some say it’s genetic; some criticize your diet plan, and some laugh at you. So, you are frustrated and get bored with your fruitless hard work.

Do you know the truth? You are ruining your diet in some stupid ways that can be avoided easily.

Today's topics of Dr. Hasan's Blog - www.dr-hasan.info is 5 small ways people ruin their diets

Let’s see how you are ruining your diet.

  1. You follow your diet daily, but some days you have to skip it:

Yes, some social occasions may ruin your diet. Some fabulous favourite food on your dining table may cause dribbling. Every day you are taking appropriate calories for maintaining good health. One or two days a week, you take ten times your daily requirement. At the end of a month, what should you aspect then?

So, don’t lose your aim for a moment. Control yourself. Try to be strict with your diet plan.


  1. Typical low calorie(!) food intake:

It’s too hot. Why don’t you take fruit juice?!

Just take and ruin your diet. Don’t think beverages as well as fruit juices are light calorie-containing foods.  Do you know the amount of sugar that remains in your so-called nutritious fruit juices?

A Coca Cola cane contains 140 kilocalories and 40 grams of sugar (10 teaspoons).

An apple juice cane contains- 165 kilocalories and 39 grams of sugar (9.8 teaspoons). Even some contain more than 20 teaspoons.

So, If you take only two coke or two juice in a day, you are taking about 300-kilocalorie extra energy. You like to take coffee or tea a minimum of 4-5 times a day. You have massive pressure on your brain. So, it refreshes you. But it also helps you to gain some weight. But avoiding milk and sugar in coffee or tea will not cause weight gain.

Are you confused about taking crackers? Do you think they are better than cookies? Don’t be confused; some of these crackers contain a certain amount of fat and energy. The energy count is 100kcal to 300kcal per serving. So please don’t take them during gossiping with your friend.

 5 small ways people ruin their diets, is today's topic of Dr. Hasan's Blog - www.dr-hasan.info

  1. Diet without exercise!

Is it true? Are you trying to be fit by just dieting? It is challenging to reach your goal then.

Light to moderate exercises is needed to metabolize and consume extra food energy. A strict diet may stop your weight gain, but you will not lose some. Theoretically, it is possible If you live with a starving diet plan.

Exercise not only helps to reduce your weight, but it also helps in hundreds of ways to be healthy and fit. So, take a minimum 30-minute session for taking some exercise and don’t discontinue it. Without punctuality and regularity, you will not gain almost any good things.


  1. Are you surrounded by too many well-wishers or advisers?

Avoid surrounding dietitians. There are many advisors around you to advise you after hearing you are on a diet. They will describe carbohydrates, superfood, diet supplements, diet fibre bla bla bla... They will confuse you in many ways.

Some other well-wishers will try to flatter you about your acceptable good figure with a negative attitude to your diet plan. Even some food lovers may insist you take a huge amount of food.

Your family members not on a diet plan may tease you. So what about them? Maybe they are not avoidable, but they are easily refuse able with a sweet smile! So, be strong and strict on your diet plan.


  1. Do you believe in some myths?

Do you think carbohydrates are only for your weight gain? Are fatty foods strictly prohibited?

Forget them. Carbohydrates containing foods are the primary source of different vitamins and minerals. So without the proper amount of carbohydrates, you will not gain energy and may suffer from multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Today Dr. Hasan's Blog - www.dr-hasan.info is discussing about 5 small ways people ruin their diets

Do you know some types of fat are essential for your body? Without them, body structures and metabolic processes can be stopped. Without regular fat, in your diet, specific vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E, K will not be absorbed from your gastrointestinal tract. So, forget myths. Stay on your aim.

We try damn hard. But still, it is so impossible to reduce weight by proper diet. Be aware of these five things which are ruining your diet. I hope you will get a healthy fit body.


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