Back pain and its home management


Back pain and its home management

Back pain is originated from the muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones, joints or other structures related to the spine. It is a very common problem. In 2008 The USA spent $86 billion.

Most middle-aged people face it, and it impairs regular daily activities. 

Risk factors for developing back pain

  1. Poor posture:

Most of us are sedentary workers and spend more time in a chair with our work. Inappropriate sitting posture causes muscle strain and, in some conditions, may cause inter-vertebral disk prolapse.

  1. Obesity:

Obesity is the leading risk factor in developing back pain. The spine has to take more loads in an obese patient and develop back pain.

  1. Poor inactive physical condition.
  2. Psychological and emotional stress
  3. Some internal diseases, like- kidney problems, septicemia, haematological disorders, etc. which cause impaired bone mineralization and impair the normal physiology of bone and muscle.
  4. Some musculoskeletal diseases like- Osteoporosis or bone loss.


Causes of back pain:

  1. Mechanical back pain due to strain- Previously mentioned risk factors might cause a strain.
  2. Some diseases. Example- the prolapsed intervertebral disk, spine tuberculosis, nerve root compression, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, arachnoiditis, vertebral fracture, etc.

90% of patients develop low back pain due to mechanical causes. So, if we try to avoid risk factors of back pain, we can easily manage it.

Today's topic of Dr. Hasan's Blog - is Back pain and its home management

Prevention and home management of back pain:

  1. Weight loss:

Obesity should be treated. Weight loss is a crucial factor in reducing the strain of our muscles and spine. We should follow a strict diet plan and do some exercise to reduce weight.


  1. Use a comfortable chair and posture for sitting:

Try to use a comfortable chair with lumbar support for office work. Most of the Americans pass their day in front of his desk in a chair. If you don’t do proper ergonomics at work, you will develop back and neck pain.

Ensure your computer monitor is directly in front of you, at least 20 inches away, and keep the mouse near your keyboard. Try to keep your hands, wrists, and forearms straight and as parallel to the floor as possible and make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your upper arms hang down naturally.  

Pay attention to conscious drawback your belly and push your pelvis slightly up. At the same time, you should keep your head back with your shoulders and your shoulder blades pinched. This posture will help your spine to set in proper alignment. Try to do this exercise every hour for 3-5 minutes when you are sitting.


  1. Stretch yourself:

Stand up as much as possible in the day to stretch your body suitably. One of the simple acts is standing as tall as possible for 1 to 2 minutes, and it will help break the posture of sitting, as long as you repeat it frequently. While standing, try to take full deep breaths to expand your trunk as well. Try to do it every hour if possible.


  1. Choose a perfect shoe:

Try to wear relaxing, comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Women should also follow the same. Try to avoid high heeled shoes as much as possible.


  1. Weight lifting:

During weightlifting, using your legs, always keep your back straight. Maintain an optimal weight. Heavy weightlifting may cause serious injury to our spine.


  1. Quit tobacco intake:

Smoking and any other form of tobacco intake should be avoided. It causes peripheral vascular disease and reduces blood flow to your spine.

 Today's article of - Dr. Hasan's Blog is Back pain and its home management

  1. Sleep in a proper posture:

Try to sleep on your back. It is the best way to prevent strain on your back. Spending a few nights on a hard mattress or the floor with a pillow underneath your knee can help your back.

If you’re a side sleeper, put a pillow between your knees. It will help you by allowing your muscles to relax more. Don’t try to be a stomach sleeper, or if you are, you should immediately stop it.

  1. Take regular exercise:

Regular exercise will help you in two ways. One is, it will help to reduce your weight, and another is, it will help to relax your muscles and prevent muscle spasms. Though in back pain, it is the last thing you want to do. But some low impact exercises like swimming, yoga, etc., will significantly help you relieve back pain.


  1. Try meditation:

Psychological stress is also responsible for developing chronic back pain. Daily 15-20 minute meditation may help you to relieve anxiety and mental stress and make you relaxed.


  1. Take some calcium and vitamin D:

Take some extra calcium and vitamin D, which will help you to reduce bone destruction and maintain proper bone structure and make your spine healthy.


  1. Drink plenty of water:

The Intervertebral disk and different joint spaces are filled with fluid. Drinking profuse water will help you to maintain normal physiology and prevent back pain and joint pain.


  1. Take massage and physiotherapy:

If back pain persists, you can take some massage. It is very much helpful. If you want, you can take some physiotherapy for your back pain and learn some easy acts that you can do in your house. Physiotherapy is more beneficial than medication in maximum cases of low back pain.

You can use some pain killer cream or ointment on your back over the spine region.

 Today Dr. Hasan's Blog - is discussing about Back pain and its home management

  1. Some over countered drugs:

For pain relief, you can use some over the countered drugs. But it would be best if you kept in mind that pain killers are always injurious to the liver and kidney.

Still, pain persists? You should consult with a doctor. It would be best if you did some investigations to evaluate the actual cause of your back pain.

‘Prevention is better than cure’- we all know that. But we don’t want to follow it. Back pain is an annoying condition, and sometimes it becomes unbearable. If we avoid the risk factors, take exercises, follow some rules and take an adequate diet, it can be easily preventable and treatable.


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Dr. Hasan Ebna Amin

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